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Saratoga Peanut Butter Company

I am from Upstate, NY. Just north of the capital of Albany and south of Saratoga Springs. If you are from New York (or the Northeast area) you may know of the city of Saratoga. The main reason most know the area is for their horse racing tracks. The summer here is always in full blast for a month or so during the racing season. The cute stores and unique restaurants downtown are busy during the day, then hoping with music at night. Many well known celebrities are known to come for a day or so. Two from a popular HBO series purchased a popular restaurant last summer. Plate

Luckily for a nut butter lover like me, we have a local peanut butter company that makes many fun peanut butters! Though they unfortunately do not have a store (that I know of anyways?), I can purchase their butters at a variety of local places and you can too online. 

My newest purchase was Monkey Boy; banana peanut butter with raisins.


Mmm not too bad. It could have a little more of a banana taste, but I think next time I’ll put some sliced nanners on top! yum!

I do highly recommend Adirondack Jack but I’m still making my way through their other flavors. I just noticed they do make an Organic Almond Butter and *gasp* a Gingerbread pb (only available during the holidays)  but both are currently unavailable Thumbs down

If you love nut butters , check out their unique flavors!