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Day Dreaming…



It was one of those days. One of those days we have been waiting for. Our Spring here in Upstate New York has been far from nice. Finally,  Spring has arrived……

I couldn’t get enough of being outside today. Either could Abby; she paced and barked every time we went inside for more than 1 minute.  Brad and I did some work at my mothers house earlier in the morning, then went for a nice trail walk at a local park I’ve been wanting to check out. The trails were great and well maintained and to top it off it, it’s dog friendly park and Abby can come with us off leash! When we arrived home, I scarfed down a quick lunch, grabbed a blanket and headed out to find a shady area of the yard.  Abby joined me for a bit, so I took advantage of a little photo shoot….

ab2                 WOOF!ab3


Fresh air gets the best of you…..


……then we chilled out and rested.


I needed this day and I can’t wait for more of them. This week looks like it’s just going to get nicer and warmer from here Sun


The good, the bad and the really cute

Today included exactly that, good, bad and really cute.

The day started off like any other. I was working during the day and was hopeful that being a Friday we’d be busy and I’d sell some beds. I don’t remember if I mentioned last night, but I FINALLY broke my losing not selling streak and sold the only bed of the day, yay! I started the month out with a bang and was so excited to calculate my commission each day. Then it stopped. It stopped for FIVE days. Really? Who hexed me!?!!

My winning selling streak continued today! 2 beds closer to my quota which I should have no problem hitting tomorrow Thumbs up I also looked cute today or at least felt cute. Have you ever noticed a difference in the way you act when you FEEL good? (mmmm possible future blog topic….)

Anywhoo, after work I  planned to meet 3 of my ex co-workers for dinner in the mall. I have not seen them much since I left my last job so I was excited for some good food and laughter. We decided to go to The Standard restaurant in the mall. It’s fairly new, hip and fun. I had lunch from there last week when our big boss was in town, he treated us for our hard work. That day the food was soo good. I ordered roast beef and brie on ciabatta mmmmm it was delicious. I was excited to go there for dinner and try something else off their menu. They first of all have a huge menu and so much to choose from and a good variety. I was rushed to order so I went with what hit my fancy at a quick glance, the Stacked Meatloaf.



That’s right people, you get what you ask for! 3 large meatloaf “patties”on a pile of potatoes and fresh green beans. The best part? The green beans. Let’s just say my hubby was happy I brought him home dinner.

I’d like to say this was my dinner instead….



Chocolate Peanut Butter pie. Literally, I think they gave me half the pie. This of course was to die for. And again, bonus points with hubby for brining him home some dessert too Winking smile

Back to bad for a minute, during dinner I received a text from my hubby with this picture entitled, “bad pup” ut ohh…



This was what she looked like after being in trouble. My mother in law had her on her leash in the back yard (it was soo beautiful here today in NY!) and she (Abby the doggie) spotted the neighbor kids coming home from school. She took off, all 75lbs of her, and knocked my mother in law down to the ground. Bad doggie.

Tonight I think she made up for it by being really cute. Brad and I were catching up on our day and she crawled up on the couch with us and how could you not love this bundle ton of fun?


                    Really Cute