My fingers don’t lie

SURPRISE! I bet you didn’t think that you would see these fingers typing here again today. Hate to say it but….I told you so!! (neener neener neener)

I’m sitting here at work on this 4th of July weekend. The weather is beautiful and no one is really shopping. If I didn’t have to be here , I wouldn’t be in a mall by choice. I’d be out enjoying the beautiful day! Some of us aren’t so lucky…..At least I do have tomorrow off. The hubby and I are going to be spending it with our good friends enjoying some drinks, bbq, fire and lots of laughter as usual. I can’t wait.  I am working on Monday, which is the 4th, but it should be a little slow, the mall is only open until 6pm and I get extra pay for working the Holiday. Score!

Have you ever worked retail? Let me tell you, being in a mall is the best place to work if you like to people watch. I work in the largest mall in the Albany (NY) area and let me tell you we see it all here. I can stand in front of the store and just kill time observing people…. I wish I got a picture of the girl wearing the white Abominable Snowman fur boots today! With a red plaid mini skirt AND purple leggings with holes. She’s a repeat offender, I’ve seen her before so the chances I’ll see her again are good!


See what I mean?!

Fur boots above

Abominable Snowman below


Abominable snowman is so much cuter!


Christmas in July?

Merry Christmas errr I mean Happy Summer! No I have not been out shopping, though I’m sure now that I’ve said it, there will be “Christmas in July” sales going on soon! I guess this is more of a “Resolution in July,” to BLOG MORE! I’m such a slacker… I read blogs daily, comment on blogs, check out Twitter, etc, but do I make time to blog , no! This is my resolution, to blog at least once a day, if not twice a day, every day. There it is people, hold me to it!


Day Dreaming…



It was one of those days. One of those days we have been waiting for. Our Spring here in Upstate New York has been far from nice. Finally,  Spring has arrived……

I couldn’t get enough of being outside today. Either could Abby; she paced and barked every time we went inside for more than 1 minute.  Brad and I did some work at my mothers house earlier in the morning, then went for a nice trail walk at a local park I’ve been wanting to check out. The trails were great and well maintained and to top it off it, it’s dog friendly park and Abby can come with us off leash! When we arrived home, I scarfed down a quick lunch, grabbed a blanket and headed out to find a shady area of the yard.  Abby joined me for a bit, so I took advantage of a little photo shoot….

ab2                 WOOF!ab3


Fresh air gets the best of you…..


……then we chilled out and rested.


I needed this day and I can’t wait for more of them. This week looks like it’s just going to get nicer and warmer from here Sun

My first review- Hubert’s Lemonade!

A few months back while shopping at The Fresh Market, I came across a new lemonade that caught my eye, Hubert’s Mango Lemonade. Mmmmm my taste buds were interested and forced be to put a bottle in the cart.  I had to share how much I enjoyed it, being a food blogger and all.

Then a  weeks ago, I received this nice e-mail from Blair, a “Lemon Head” from the company.

Hi Nicole – thank you for your post and nice comments about Hubert’s Mango Lemonade in March. We appreciate you trying our new product, and more so are happy it rocked.  If you like, I would be more than happy to send you one of our new flavors (Strawberry and/or Limeade) to try as well.  Just let me know.


Thank you again,

Blair Owens

Lemon Head

I was so excited to receive this email and to be asked to try the 2 new flavors. My first review! I happily replied back and obliged to try either or both of the new flavors and share my opinion. Long and behold about 2 weeks later I received a package in the mail from Hubert’s Lemonade which included 2 each of the new flavors, Strawberry Lemonade and Limeade along with some cute Lemon Head stickers!


Don’t you just love the funny lemon faces?!

Taste #1Strawberry Lemonade

I had higher hopes for this one to be honest. I love Strawberry Lemonade but this seemed to have more of a lemonade taste than strawberry (not that that is wrong!)  It still was good and I’d definitely drink it again, but it wasn’t just what I expected. I was hoping for more strawberry taste with less tang of the lemonade.


My initial reaction to my first taste of Limeade happily surprised me! I was expecting to like the Strawberry Lemonade more, but I think the Limeade won my taste buds over. It was tart and made me pucker up, almost like the lemon head on the bottle! My hubby agreed, he preferred the Limeade also…. and proceeded to drink both bottles the first night we received them!

I thank Blair and the Lemon Heads from Hubert’s for being so kind to allow me to sample and review their 2 new flavors of lemonade.  Now go out and look for Hubert’s Lemonade and try each of them… Enjoy!

Anyone have a time machine?

Where on earth does the time go? Seriously? I put off blogging for a few days because life was hectic and next thing I know it’s 2 months later! I have had every intention of catching up on all my blogs. I even had notes for each of the dates I wanted to write about.  Now I lost that piece of paper. Doh!

I’ve decided enough time has passed and it’s time to move on. I really wanted to write about what I missed and that kept me from writing what I currently wanted to write about and therefore put be back further. Does that make sense? So if I do ever come across that lost piece of paper with my notes, I may just randomly right about those days here and there….

Catching up…

Hey ya’ll  (when do we say ya’ll in NY??) haha. I wanted to pop in to let you know I’m still here! I’m actually back logged in posts and need to catch Darn me for being a slacker and no posting right away, but I’m getting there. I also have a post about my first food (drink) review! How exciting! AND to top it off, my blog will have a complete overhaul soon. I can’t wait for the new look!

I’m always available via email, so shoot an email my way anytime! I will see write soon!

Shopping, Wine and Beer.. Oh my!

Oh what a day it was! First of all, it was a beautiful day. One of the nicest we’ve had yet this “Spring” if that’s what you want to call it! Brad and I actually had the SAME day off together, now that never happens since we both work crazy retail hours. He left it up to me to decide what we were going to do for the day and I’m not bragging or anything but I think we had one great day!

We live a little North of Albany, NY. About 45 minutes further North is a place called Lake George. If you live in the NY,VT,MA,CT area you may have heard of it. It’s a VERY popular place in the summer to visit; many camping grounds, cute little shops, not to mention a HUGE beautiful lake! Did I mention shopping?

There are a set of outlets up there that kick butt. They are open all year round but I never thinking of taking the drive. Even my BFF lives about 15 minutes from there in the next town over, go figure! Anyhow, we decided to start there. Our few of our fav places to go are J.Crew, GAP and Banana Republic. I LOVE the BR outlet. I feel so at ease shopping there (yes I can wear their tops!) and it’s different vibe than the real store….. and they have the best deals. Between Brad and I we purchased 3 t-shirts for him and 2 nicer shirts for work for me all for about $35!! Seriously! His shirts were $2-3 each and my 2 nice tops for work were only $10 each! yay! After wondering in and out of some of the other outlets, we were on to our next stop.

Our next stop was really our my real reason for wanting to go up there (though trust me clothes were an added bonus!), the Adirondack Winery and Tasting Room. I somehow came across this winery randomly online one day. What a great find! It’s a cute shop right in the heart of town. They carry a large variety of wine. This they can do since they don’t have actual vineyards; they purchase their grapes. We did a wine tasting, $5 each and each of us got to chose 7 wines each to taste. Each received a menu with their wines listed, it’s rating, any rewards won etc. and that’s where we marked our orders.


These cute tasting glasses came home with us for free!


Then we purchased a plate of Sage Cheddar cheese to help cleanse our pallet in between tasting, well and who can resist cheese!


I can’t wait to go back. I think our favorite wine there was a Stawsling. Exactly what it sounded, a mix of Riesling and strawberries. Then we picked up a few more items to take home,

*Grumble Grumble* now we were hungry, it was lunch time. I knew that there were 2 breweries  I’d like to check out in the area. After some FB’ing and Tweeting for suggestions, we decided on Davidson Brothers. This seemed to be an older brewery, very small in side but cute.


I had one light beer, a Wheat Ale. Mmm beer, look at that list!


We completed our visit with lunch (finally) and a yummy turkey burger topped with tomato and spinach. Everything was good, but I wish we had time to do a full sampler of beeeer!

As you can see we had a fun filled and belly filled  day. 2 Thumbs upThumbs up up !


Tonight I thought I was dreaming screaming because I had to stay late at work and that threw off my schedule of Zumba on Thursday nights! boo. When I left work I was famished, but was cranky and didn’t really feel like cooking. The hubby was at work so I had to fend for myself. I decided to stop at The Greene Grocer, a local health food store around the corner from where I live. I had nothing in mind really but to stroll and pick up a few little things sine it tends to be $$$.

I knew I had Kale at home I needed to use up so Kale chips were in order, but what to have with them. I then came across Amy’s Organics Black Bean Chili. I forgot how much I enjoy this chili. Dinner was set and I couldn’t wait to get home to make it. I was counting WW points and had a good amount left to use so I decided to put some fresh cheddar on my chili to make it even better.


A nice big plate of Kale chips and my chili.  I swear there is chili under that cheese!!!

I found this at The Greene Grocer also. I was excited to see this…


Dark Chocolate Dream (non dairy) Pure Dark Chocolate. Yum!

There was no more screaming, I really was dreaming….


Do you hear that? What is that buzzzzzzzzz?? Not a bee….. exactly. More like Burt’s Bees! 

As you may have noticed I have a ‘Beauty Recipe’ page that I’ve yet to use. I promise I’m working on it!  This past winter when I visited my brother and sister in law in Seattle, my sister in law opened my eyes to natural beauty products. She is prego with our soon to be nephew and really watches what product she uses and makes many of her own. She shared with me some of her favorite books and gave me many ideas and I was hooked! Thanks to Megan, I thought I’d add a natural beauty section to my blog. I’ve noticed no one out there focuses too much on home made beauty products so why not give it a try?

Anywhoo, since I’ve been lazy and not updated this page yet, I though I’d share some store bought products I’ve been using and looooveee. My BFF Bekkie is a Vegan and uses mostly all Burt’s products and swears by them. I’m slowly adding new pieces to my daily beauty routine. Ok, this day I added a many pieces Be right back


Starting from the left:

  •  Tinted Lip Balm in Honeysuckle– a good lip balm with a hint of color.
  • Natural Toothpaste – small trial size was free with lotion purchase.
  • Fragrance Free Body Lotion– it actually has a nice smell being fragrance free. I can’t handle the smell of honey in the others Confused smile
  • Natural Acne Solutions purifying gel cleanser– GREAT! I don’t have much acne anymore (thank you for not being 15 again!) but it’s a great overall cleanser with a nice fresh scent and feeling after.
  • Natural Acne Solutions daily moisturizing lotion– AWESOME! This is light and fresh and has a wonderful smell to it!

As you can see I’m very happy with my Burt’s products. I promise in the very near future I’ll have some info up on my ‘Beauty’ Recipe page.

What type of natural products do you use for your daily beauty routine?

Getting healthy, I’m ready for the challenge

It’s time. It has been time for a long time and I’m ready to admit it. I’m ready to put me first and take charge of my health.

I started counting points again today, trying out Weight Watchers new Points Plus plan. I’m not used to all the points I get now from a) being at my heaviest and b) the adjustment to the new program. I was hesitant to give it a try since it’s one of the biggest changes they’ve  made recently. Over the years in which I’ve used the program , many smaller changes have been made. I wasn’t happy when those changes were made, but they in reality were not that big. Everyone just has something to complain about and you can’t make everyone happy. Especially when it’s something that you are used to, it’s helping you lose weight and then changes are made. It makes you wonder why? Why did they change the program again? And you must realize there has to be a reason. They wouldn’t change a good program to make it worse, would they? Of course not!

A little over 4 years ago I was very successful on Weight Watchers. I counted my points, I worked out and I lost weight. I lost close to 80lbs before I got married getting down to my lowest adult weight I could remember. I started out at 311lbs and at my lowest was about 235lbs. I went from a size 24 to a size 16/18. I was so happy I could start shopping in “normal” stores  (if you are a big girl or guy I’m sure you know what I mean!) and I got married that year and was happy to purchase a size 18 wedding dress. You may say a 18? really? Yes really! Many times dresses you have to purchase a size or 2 larger and I was happy with a 18!

After my wedding and after I finished training for a 3 day, 60 mile walk I crashed… hard. I started to sabotage myself. I got lazy. I gained weight. Then a little more weight, then some more. Then about 1-2 years ago I got sick. No one knew what was wrong with me. I was told it was my thyroid, it was over active. What? I’m fat and have an over active thyroid? I was put on meds and that made the weight come on even faster. That wasn’t all that was wrong but we still didn’t (and don’t)know what. I was pulled out of work for 3 months. I was depressed. I could barely walk the dog without having the shakes. I used to able to walk 6 miles…. easy. I eventually started to get better, slowly, still with no answers. I was finally able to start moving again but now close to my starting weight…. and then some a lot, who am I kidding?

So here I am. I’m a healthy living blogger who has been from one end of healthy to the other. But I’m back at it. It’s taken a lot for me to admit I need to do something. You think it would be obvious, I was in denial. I’m ready to give the new Weight Watcher program a try along with all the fun recipes I like to cook.  It worked before and I have all the confidence to know it’s going to work again and will be a good start for me. Once my eating is back under control, I will pick back up and go to Zumba again. I LOVE Zumba. I’ve been lazy and working a lot and made excuses not to go the past month. I know as soon as I go, I’ll be hooked again. And I’m joining the gym, finally. I won a 3 month free membership last year and never used it. I think it’s about time. And the best thing is this gym has a ton of classes. I live for classes. I have to belong to a gym that offers a variety of cardio classes. From there I hope to eventually be able to take on spinning and yoga (especially hot yoga) and finally running. Baby steps Nicole, baby steps, you’ll get there one day.