About Me

I’m Nicole, a foodie, a wannabe healthy foodie, a wannabe runner, a wannabe yogi, a will be healthier and happier person, inside and out!

I came across Healthy Living Blogs a year or so ago when I was sick. I was doing research on how to live better and healthier. What was I doing wrong? What could I do better? And that’s when I came across a few blogs which led me into a this blogging world.  I sat up for hours each day and night reading blog after blog. Real people, real life. I loved it. Plus so many idea’s from a variety of backgrounds and personalities. I was hooked.

I still may not be the healthiest person out there but I’m slowly learning and making changes for the better. And now I’m happy to say I’m part of this Healthy Living Blogging world. I’ve met many local bloggers over the past year and hope to meet more of you that I “know” only through your blog someday!

I hope through my blog I too can give hope to others and ideas to make their life a healthy one.


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