The Great Fundraising Act

Yesterday I witnessed (and took part of) a great act of bloggers, many strangers, coming together to help a fellow blogger. The Great Fundraising Act or #TGFA as it was known on Twitter will go down in history.

Janetha from Meals and Moves put together an online auction to raise money to help with medical expenses for Susan from The Great Balancing Act.  Susan was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Read more about how they became friends here. They were interviewed by Fitness Magazine who wrote this great article. Janetha was hoping to raise  at least a couple thousand dollars. She blew her expectations out of the water and with the auction and direct donations she raised about $26,432!!! How awesome is that?!

There were many donations from individual bloggers. If it was one baked good they were known for to autographed copies of their books. Then there were the donations from companies.  Chobani donated one 1 year supply of yogurt at first which was huge and I think the most popular item bloggers were after. But when they saw the $$ people were bidding, they donated ANOTHER year supply to the second highest bidder. Very cool of them! We can’t forget the other large donations from Larabar (also donating 2 packages to 2 top bidders!) , Popchips (1 year supply!), Annie’s, Bob’s Red Mill, Cabot, and Stonyfield Farms amongst others who brought in tons of bids and lots of $$.  What can I say, we are healthy living bloggers and these are obviously a few of our favorite products!

I thank Janetha for putting together such a wonderful fundraiser and I wish Susan best of luck during these hard times. I think you have many guardian blogger angels watching over you…



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