And on this farm

there was …… vegetables!!

I finally made it to the farmers market this morning. I’ve been itching to go, but for one reason or another I haven’t had the chance yet this year. There is one market on the waterfront which I went to all of last year. Today I ventured to another close by which was on my way to work at a place called The Crossings. It’s a large park with paved paths to walk, swing sets for kids and a nice big pond for the ducks. Perfect location for a smaller farmers market.

I arrived just a little after 9am and a few vendors were just finishing setting up.


I made a couple laps scoping out what vendors were here.  I wasn’t looking for anything special today, I was just happy to finally be here!


Some locally grown fresh fruit.


BEAUTIFUL floral bouquets. I’m really kicking myself I didn’t grab one of these today!


Then I came across the jackpot of greens!

All the green caught my attention and called my name. I already had picked up a huge head of Kale at another farm. HUGE head for $2. Awesome! When I was walking to this stand, I heard the word Kale and then Tuscan Kale, Red Kale AND White Kale! JACKPOT!

I’ve had Tuscan Kale before, or as I refer to it as Dinosaur Kale. But I never heard of Red Kale or White Kale! I immediately said I’ll take one of each!! Come to find out they only brought one small bin of white and it was sold out already Sad smile  But I did come home with my first bunch of red!



Look how pretty! I kind of became obsessed photographing it and these 2 pictures were my favorite.

I never have cooked with Red Kale before and wanted to do something more than make kale chips. Stay tuned this week for ways to use Red Kale…. to be continued.


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