ooo inari

Today I discovered new sushi I love …. a lot! I always seem to pick up Philadelphia roll unless I’m at a sushi restaurant, then I explore a bit.

On the way to work I stopped by The Fresh Market. I needed some fresh coffee and wanted a light day of food to bring with me to work since it’s so gosh darn hot out. I decided on sushi and came across these.


Spicy Avocado Inari

I wasn’t so sure to what exactly Inari is but it tasted so good! Come to find out it’s usually made of tofu skin or fried bean curd. I compare it too a soggy eggroll but tastes much better. Inside is filled with white rice, small pieces of avocado and topped with a spicy sauce. Perfect.

To wash it down I came across this new soda, made of Agave.


OOgave Root Beer for me today. I like the idea of using Agave and it was nice and refreshing. I’d definitely buy again. Check them out here!


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