Keeping up with it

How do you do it? How do you keep up with it? Keep up with blogging that is!

I’m still new to blogging, learning as I go. One thing I can’t seem to do is blog at least once a day, or even every other day. I tried  my hardest to make it my July resolution to blog daily and you guessed it, that didn’t last long.  I logged into WordPress finally today and my last post was JULY 4th?!?! Uh how did that happen? It’s July 20th. Where did the time go!?

I thought of maybe setting up a specific blogging area. A space for when I am ready to write a blog, I sit down and blog. Right now I’m working off a netbook and a notebook. I thought having the netbook would allow me to blog more, especially when I’m at work or away from home. That was wishful thinking.

Any ideas and experience you could share with  me and other newer bloggers would be greatly appreciated. This can include photography also! I’m dabbling with my new SLR camera, I have so much to learn!  Do you know about any books, classes, courses you would suggest? Or maybe you just want to teach me yourself Open-mouthed smile


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