Red, white and blue


Happy July 4th everyone! I hope you all wore your red ,white and blue today, saw some fireworks, bbq’d and celebrated. My celebration did include my red white and blue attire; blue top with white cut out starts covering the back, with white linen (clown pants- they were huge) and red flip flops. Comfy and cute.. Oh did I mention I had to work the entire day! It was ok , we didn’t really have plans but I would have loved to spend time with friends and family.

We really kept it low key this year. It would have been nice to see sparkly fireworks but unfortunately we saw none. Our last apartment could walk out front and sit on the sidewalk with our neighbors and all watch the big local show. It was perfect. We made the best of it and after work, we had a bbq. Nothing like a hot dog and burger on the grill, with mac salad and corn on the cob to scream SUMMER! That was a perfect day for me……


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