I think I created a new word/day of the week, Funday. Oh wait, didn’t the Bangles first use that word in Manic Monday? hrmm Well that’s exactly what Sunday was. It was Funday! As I mentioned yesterday, we were heading over to our friends to hang out for the day and that’s exactly what we did! It was pretty crappy the first part of the day so we hung out inside, chatting and drinking away. Who us? never!

We started out with a bucket of Margaritas made with the good shit! We had a bottle of Cabo Wabo Tequila which we received for Christmas years ago never got into since we are not huge Tequila drinkers. Today on the other hand you would have questioned that.

Jake getting some nice slushy out of the bucket. Notice the time on the clock…..


I started to get creative (or at least tried too) with my new SLR Camera.


Lou really managed to get creative with her Mikes twisted Hard Blueberry Iced tea with FRESH blueberries added inside!


I think they came out pretty cool!


From there we all started to crash, especially me with a bad headache. Rest was needed mid afternoon while the boys played some video games.

I used some of this time to have a special photo shoot with Peach, one of their cats.




My Favorite! (below)


Dinner was yum! Plenty of food for the 4 of us. Chicken, corn on the cob (grilled) and 3 different summer salads. Perfect! Then my strawberry shortcake of course for dessert.

By the end of dinner, the weather finally let up and the skies were turning blue before they went dark. This meant we could finally get out and start a big bonfire. Always our favorite thing to do, so relaxing.


Lou and I making the most of it


Since it was so hot and sticky out earlier in the day….. the mosquitos were awful. Even covered in bug spray and having a citronella candle near by did nothing for the warriors after about 30 minutes or so. Brad and I must taste good cause we were being ate alive! That was that for us. It was close to 10pm by now, the effects of alcohol wore off and we were all Brad and I were ready for bed. Every party has a pooper……






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