Sticky Icky

What a gross day it is outside today., ick. It’s my day off and we have plans to hang out and bbq with our good friends and it’s a craptastic day, go figure. It’s cloudy, rainy and soooooo grossly humid. Bleh. Hopefully the showers will go away and some sun will poke through so we can get some time outside…. and maybe go down to the river for a little swimming!

I have not done any cooking of really any sorts in such a long time since we’ve been staying at my in-laws. It’s either dinner with them or quick lunch/dinner at work. Boring. I’m not planning on doing much cooking today, our friends have that covered, BUT I’m in charge of munchies and dessert. I didn’t have much time to get tooo creative but I’m happy to say dessert is going to be strawberry shortcake.


Wait, not THAT Strawberry Shortcake! But this….


YUM! It’s been sooo long since I’ve had such a fresh dessert which can be so sticky icky yummy. I’m off to go chop some strawberries and get myself showered and ready to enjoy a good day with good friends. Happy almost 4th!


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