My fingers don’t lie

SURPRISE! I bet you didn’t think that you would see these fingers typing here again today. Hate to say it but….I told you so!! (neener neener neener)

I’m sitting here at work on this 4th of July weekend. The weather is beautiful and no one is really shopping. If I didn’t have to be here , I wouldn’t be in a mall by choice. I’d be out enjoying the beautiful day! Some of us aren’t so lucky…..At least I do have tomorrow off. The hubby and I are going to be spending it with our good friends enjoying some drinks, bbq, fire and lots of laughter as usual. I can’t wait.  I am working on Monday, which is the 4th, but it should be a little slow, the mall is only open until 6pm and I get extra pay for working the Holiday. Score!

Have you ever worked retail? Let me tell you, being in a mall is the best place to work if you like to people watch. I work in the largest mall in the Albany (NY) area and let me tell you we see it all here. I can stand in front of the store and just kill time observing people…. I wish I got a picture of the girl wearing the white Abominable Snowman fur boots today! With a red plaid mini skirt AND purple leggings with holes. She’s a repeat offender, I’ve seen her before so the chances I’ll see her again are good!


See what I mean?!

Fur boots above

Abominable Snowman below


Abominable snowman is so much cuter!


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