Do you hear that? What is that buzzzzzzzzz?? Not a bee….. exactly. More like Burt’s Bees! 

As you may have noticed I have a ‘Beauty Recipe’ page that I’ve yet to use. I promise I’m working on it!  This past winter when I visited my brother and sister in law in Seattle, my sister in law opened my eyes to natural beauty products. She is prego with our soon to be nephew and really watches what product she uses and makes many of her own. She shared with me some of her favorite books and gave me many ideas and I was hooked! Thanks to Megan, I thought I’d add a natural beauty section to my blog. I’ve noticed no one out there focuses too much on home made beauty products so why not give it a try?

Anywhoo, since I’ve been lazy and not updated this page yet, I though I’d share some store bought products I’ve been using and looooveee. My BFF Bekkie is a Vegan and uses mostly all Burt’s products and swears by them. I’m slowly adding new pieces to my daily beauty routine. Ok, this day I added a many pieces Be right back


Starting from the left:

  •  Tinted Lip Balm in Honeysuckle– a good lip balm with a hint of color.
  • Natural Toothpaste – small trial size was free with lotion purchase.
  • Fragrance Free Body Lotion– it actually has a nice smell being fragrance free. I can’t handle the smell of honey in the others Confused smile
  • Natural Acne Solutions purifying gel cleanser– GREAT! I don’t have much acne anymore (thank you for not being 15 again!) but it’s a great overall cleanser with a nice fresh scent and feeling after.
  • Natural Acne Solutions daily moisturizing lotion– AWESOME! This is light and fresh and has a wonderful smell to it!

As you can see I’m very happy with my Burt’s products. I promise in the very near future I’ll have some info up on my ‘Beauty’ Recipe page.

What type of natural products do you use for your daily beauty routine?


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