Getting healthy, I’m ready for the challenge

It’s time. It has been time for a long time and I’m ready to admit it. I’m ready to put me first and take charge of my health.

I started counting points again today, trying out Weight Watchers new Points Plus plan. I’m not used to all the points I get now from a) being at my heaviest and b) the adjustment to the new program. I was hesitant to give it a try since it’s one of the biggest changes they’ve  made recently. Over the years in which I’ve used the program , many smaller changes have been made. I wasn’t happy when those changes were made, but they in reality were not that big. Everyone just has something to complain about and you can’t make everyone happy. Especially when it’s something that you are used to, it’s helping you lose weight and then changes are made. It makes you wonder why? Why did they change the program again? And you must realize there has to be a reason. They wouldn’t change a good program to make it worse, would they? Of course not!

A little over 4 years ago I was very successful on Weight Watchers. I counted my points, I worked out and I lost weight. I lost close to 80lbs before I got married getting down to my lowest adult weight I could remember. I started out at 311lbs and at my lowest was about 235lbs. I went from a size 24 to a size 16/18. I was so happy I could start shopping in “normal” stores  (if you are a big girl or guy I’m sure you know what I mean!) and I got married that year and was happy to purchase a size 18 wedding dress. You may say a 18? really? Yes really! Many times dresses you have to purchase a size or 2 larger and I was happy with a 18!

After my wedding and after I finished training for a 3 day, 60 mile walk I crashed… hard. I started to sabotage myself. I got lazy. I gained weight. Then a little more weight, then some more. Then about 1-2 years ago I got sick. No one knew what was wrong with me. I was told it was my thyroid, it was over active. What? I’m fat and have an over active thyroid? I was put on meds and that made the weight come on even faster. That wasn’t all that was wrong but we still didn’t (and don’t)know what. I was pulled out of work for 3 months. I was depressed. I could barely walk the dog without having the shakes. I used to able to walk 6 miles…. easy. I eventually started to get better, slowly, still with no answers. I was finally able to start moving again but now close to my starting weight…. and then some a lot, who am I kidding?

So here I am. I’m a healthy living blogger who has been from one end of healthy to the other. But I’m back at it. It’s taken a lot for me to admit I need to do something. You think it would be obvious, I was in denial. I’m ready to give the new Weight Watcher program a try along with all the fun recipes I like to cook.  It worked before and I have all the confidence to know it’s going to work again and will be a good start for me. Once my eating is back under control, I will pick back up and go to Zumba again. I LOVE Zumba. I’ve been lazy and working a lot and made excuses not to go the past month. I know as soon as I go, I’ll be hooked again. And I’m joining the gym, finally. I won a 3 month free membership last year and never used it. I think it’s about time. And the best thing is this gym has a ton of classes. I live for classes. I have to belong to a gym that offers a variety of cardio classes. From there I hope to eventually be able to take on spinning and yoga (especially hot yoga) and finally running. Baby steps Nicole, baby steps, you’ll get there one day.


4 responses to “Getting healthy, I’m ready for the challenge

  1. You have such a positive attitude! Good luck on your healthy living journey! I read something somewhere – a comment on a blog, I think, wish I could remember which one – that said that she looks at weight loss as a natural and secondary side effect of adopting healthier habits. I loved that way of looking at things.

  2. You can do this and I can’t wait to join you along the journey 🙂

  3. Good for you for getting back to it! I can TOTALLY relate. You can do it and getting healthy is the most important part of that equation. 🙂

  4. John B. Hopkins

    Good luck with the weight loss, Cuz! I will make sure to eat all the food that you won’t be eating so that the universe stays in balance…also, when you are at yoga and all the cardio classes, i will make sure to spend extra time on the couch (balanced universe theory again).

    Great blog! Looking forward to more!

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