1+1 doesn’t always equal 2…..

Cynthia over at It All Changes just wrote a blog about being a during and about her weight loss (and gain). What perfect timing she had! Last night I thought about my eating a lot and decided to jump back on the Weight Watchers program and give the new Points Plus system a go.

I was very hesitant though. I did do WW’ers on my own a few years back and lost almost 80lbs and then gained it all back… plus more. I had slowly started to gain some on my own out of pure laziness, but also I was real sick for almost a year and could barely walk on my own. Between the medication and not being able to move to far on my own, the rest of the weight piled on. Now I’ at my fattest ever. And here I am again, going to try this new program and work it. Also, get my ass back to Zumba and to the gym. I’m motivated and want to be a during and eventually an after


One response to “1+1 doesn’t always equal 2…..

  1. I’m glad that my post went along with what you were thinking. We can do this!

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