Stock in Vitamin Water please!

Hello *cough* it’s been a few days *yawn*.  I’ve been neglecting my blog.  Ok, more like I’ve had no ambition to do much the past 2 days. Getting out of bed and going to shower and go to work took enough effort. Thankfully today was one of my day’s off.

This is how I spent most of my day today..



Lot’s o Vitamin Water. Seriously, it’s all I want right now along with bread (random).  And of course the couch, ahhhh. We have a sectional and this is my favorite corner….. also the area where Brad put’s his head to lay on the main couch AND the corner Abby sleeps in. I was happy to call dibs on what was supposed to be MY part of the couch when we bought it!

I did manage to get up, shower and dressed to meet my bff Bekkie at Target. When we can find an hour to spare during the week, we meet up for a little Target therapy and a cup of coffee thanks to Starbucks in our favorite Target Winking smile So at Target I stocked up on a handful of Vitamin Waters since they were only $1. I really needed to do some grocery shopping also, but I had no motivation to shop much and just grabbed the necessities. Apparently a loaf of 4 cheese loaf was a necessity today and all I’ve really ate today. It’s ok though, it’s making me a little happier…

Tomorrow is my craptastic 12 hour day at work. I did declare it blogging Tuesday, expecting to blog a couple times through the day; I’ve yet to do that. I think the past 2 week I’ve spent cleaning up my blog and then catching up on other blogs. We’ll see how tomorrow goes….hopefully I’ll feel better. I think I’m winning this fight with this coldFingers crossed


One response to “Stock in Vitamin Water please!

  1. Nothing is better than curling up on the couch when you don’t feel good, especially when you get the good spot. 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!

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