To be organized or not to be

…that is the question.

I’ll admit it, I’m not the neatest person in the world. Do I love to clean and be organized, yes! Am I always neat and organized, hell no.  I wish I was OCD like Monica on Friends, but I’m not. Once I’m in that mood, let me loose and you’d be amazed at what I can do. Heck, I even amaze myself sometimes!

Tonight I cleaned. Tonight I organized. Tonight I feel accomplished.

My husband and I currently are staying at my in-laws in their basement. We have one large room, which I like to refer to as our “basement loft” which includes our living room and bedroom (full story to come soon). It actually works out pretty well since our couch is a sectional and separates the 2 ‘rooms’ if you will. Then the hallway has a huge shelf of all my cooking essentials, a nice cabinet with my favorite mugs and bowls and then 2 rolling racks of (my) clothes. It works, I swear. One good thing about having limited space is the amount of purging we did moving from our last place of 4 years. We threw lots and lots out, made a garage sale pile and a to keep pile, which we have in a storage unit.

Since we’ve lived here (about 2 months now), I feel we have never fully settled in. Tonight I feel one step closer…minus the rest of the clothes on the bed that need to be hung before I can sleep tonight Angel  But I love this feeling of organization. I still have more little things I can need to do, but this is a huge start.

Did you ever sit back and look at the simple things in life that my have a big influence on you more than you know realize?


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