Drive by post…kinda

This post is brought to you by my NEW netbook! Just part of the reason for the quick post tonight.

Today Brad and I both amazingly had the same day off from work. We had plans for dinner with family so we wanted to spend the first part of the day together and away from home. Of course the nice weather we were having has now turned back to crap. Why does it always seem to snow or rain on our days off? Anyways, we already decided that we were going to take drive out to Lee, MA to go to the outlets. It’s a nice quick drive and we haven’t been there in a while. The place is a ghost town this time of year. Better for us though, no crowds to fight through, score! We went to GAP, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic and a few of our other favorites. Nothing too exciting or great deals worth buying. We have those outlets closer to home and we can go anytime anyways.

Part of the reason to hit up these outlets though is for the Under Armour outlet. Yes, Brad does work for Dicks Sporting Goods and gets a discount but we always make out well here. Last year I picked up newly released sneakers for $35 and a Cold Gear shirt real cheap while Brad picked up a handful of t-shirts. I’m sure most of you own some of their pieces and know how great the brand is but how $$ it can be. Today we were not looking to spend too much so I just picked up a new pair of pants for when I soon hit up the paths and start enjoying my long walks outside. Oh and I only spent $19.99 on these!

We left the outlets and stopped for a quick bite to eat on the way home. While chatting over lunch,  I mentioned again how I wanted to invest in a netbook to carry with me (mainly to work) and allow for me to keep up with my blogging. We’ve also talked about investing in a Cannon Rebel Camera in the near future.  So after some discussion, we decided to stop at Best Buy on the way home and my wonderful husband bought this netbook for me! The brand is Asus, a brand I did not know much about but had done some research on. I was ready to go to Wal-Mart and spend $200 but he wanted me to invest in something that would last; probably a good idea.

Finally, I have my netbook and hopefully in a few months my SLR camera. Then my blogging will be in full action. Until then, my iPhone pictures will suffice I guess…. time for Law and Order: SVU and bed Angel


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