Fit Bloggin’ 11

Being fairly new to blogging, I am learning more about the different conferences held throughout the year for Healthy Living Bloggers. I just found out that Fit Bloggin’ 11 will be held in Baltimore in May and they are giving away 5 tickets! For this newbie, it’s totally worth a shot to enter the drawing! If I don’t win, I will definitely register and attend next year.

I think this will be a perfect opportunity for me, as a new blogger to network, to meet other bloggers (especially those I “know” from reading your blog) and learn how I can continue to grow this blog into something more. I want to learn more about self hosting and how to make blogging a main part of my life.

I want to inspire others as so many bloggers out there have inspired me to be here. I want to capture every step and show others how I grow with this blog from where I am now, to where I will (hopefully) be in a year. I am excited to be able to start attending these conferences and expand my knowledge and share it here Open-mouthed smile


One response to “Fit Bloggin’ 11

  1. I hope we both can make it, and meet up!!

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