Thinking Spring

Ok who am I kidding. This has been the longest, winter ever! Don’t you agree? Snow storm after snow storm, it seems never ending. You would think since it’s mid March, it would let up. Negative. We did get some ice last week and this morning freezing rain, but it’s a sign it’s getting closer to Spring. I am uber jealous of those of  you enjoying the outdoors already! hrmph!

Today is  my day off from work. My mother in law asked if I would want to go shoe  shopping with her this morning. Of Course I did! !  I bought these cute, comfy shoes at DSW and she really wanted a pair so off we went. Since it was raining and kind of crappy outside it was the perfect day to hit the mall…. or stay home and take a  nap (which is next on my list). We were good and only went to DSW (and then to Dick’s to see Brad but he was busy). I was good and did not buy shoes. Did you hear that Brad, no shoes for me Nyah-Nyah 

We were discussing dinner on our way home and decided burgers sounded good. I decided I’d make a nice pasta salad to go with. That got me thinking of Spring/Summer parties and all the salads mmmmm. We decided while we were in the area, we’d stop at The Fresh Market.  I picked up pasta salad goods and my mother in law bought to die for chocolate brownies for dessert.  I also picked up this Sea Salt & Nibs premium cocoa chocolate bar on the way out. 


Let’s just say I better savior every last bit of this bar, it was $$$ and good!

When we got home, I had to run to Target for a few things and found these sunglasses on clearance for $3.74! I have been looking at them since last year…. then again today thinking spring, I realized I needed new sunglasses, score!



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