Blogging Tuesdays

At my new job working at Select Comfort Bedding (yes I sell beds, read why I quit my last job here  )I work Tuesdays ALL day alone. I come in about 9:45am and work until 9:30pm alone. I work in a busy  mall but how busy can it get on a Tuesday? Thankfully I have my laptop set up and can catch up on my blogging. It’s handy especially since I am just getting back up and rolling with my blog and I got a lot done today. Plus, I found many of your blogs I’ve never read before and have time to get to know more of you and comment on posts, etc etc!

Today I have spent a majority of my day cleaning up my blog, moving things around and making it cleaner. I am very picky. I am very indecisive. I have changed the name of my blog 3 times already.I think hope this is the final name change for a long time!

Then comes to the design and layout of my blog. I want it to be nice like so many of yours. I did some research and found out how I can do the design and layout myself. I’m not sure if I’m up for the challenge just yet. I’m happy that I can create a header image for my blog, let alone be able to change the entire layout. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe some of my local blogger friends can help me out sometime Flirt male 

The next thing I’ll be working on are my  pictures. Some of them are ok and some not so much. Honestly, most of the pictures I have posted thus far have come from my iPhone. Who woulda thunk that it would be better than my digital camera. My next purchase is going to be a  SLR camera,  a Canon Rebel. I’ve heard they are great cameras, especially for those  just starting out in photography.  It took some convincing of my husband to digest spending that kind of $$ on just a camera. He has done his research on the camera and its capabilities. He is finding more of an interest in photography also; it will be great for us both.

Going forward, you may notice a change in my blogs appearance and the pictures I take. Also you may notice many blogs on Tuesdays…… now you know why In love


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