HaPpy BiRtHdAy …… to me!

Surprise, it’s my birthday! Ok, maybe not that big of a surprise, since I told you last night that today is my birthday Smile

I had to work today, but that was ok because the hubby had to work also (oh the joys of having a retail job again!). I showed up to work to fine a birthday bag on the counter for me! yay! My awesome boss and co-worker left me the cutest bunny as a gift. See we have one on the counter and I’ve adored it since I started to work there. My co-worker just went through some treatments for breast cancer (and is cancer free now, yay!). When she found out the good news, our boss bought her this beautiful bunny which now sits on our counter. So much to my surprise, they gave me her sister for my birthday. Love it.

After work our plans were to spend the night with our good friends Jake and Lou (short for Mary Lou). They are our closest friends and you’ll hear about them a lot I’m sure! Brad (my hubby) and Jake grew up together and are best friends. Go figure they married 2 girls who could be long lost sisters we have so much in common! February is a big month for celebrations for us. First, Lou’s birthday is on the 23rd, our anniversary is the 24th and my birthday is the 26th. What better reasons to get together for some drinks, games and good conversation.

Lou and I started our own birthday tradition a few years back that we would exchange a bottle of wine for our birthday’s; something new we never had before. This year we gave her a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Normally we are all big Riesling fans, but decided to mix it up. Forgive me, I forget the name of the wine, I believe it was called “Mo”. The bottle’s description mentioned an almond taste and that sealed the deal. Lou loves almond flavor (amaretto is her favorite liquor eva!)

They gave me this bottle of chocolate wine…….mmmmm


They know I love Chocolate Lab, another chocolate wine we discovered 2 years ago at a wine fest in Watkins Glen, NY (all NY wineries!). The difference between the 2 is that this Cocoa di Vine, is creamy.  We didn’t have a chance to try it just yet, but looks like it would be a special wine to have with (or for) dessert. I can’t wait for the first sip! The Chocolate Lab on the other hand is a red wine with a chocolate after taste. Another wine perfect for after dinner.

We spent the rest of the night chatting and catching up (Jake and I both just got new job recently) over wine (duh), crackers, hummus and veggies. We attempted to play our favorite card game, Skip Bo, but by then all had a bit too much to drink to concentrate ,oops. Even thought it was my birthday, I let Brad have the fun and I drove home this time (he always is DD hehe). It was as usual a great night spend with great friends!


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