A Promising Year of Changes

2011 is going to be a good year, I can feel it. I don’t make New Years Resolutions, but I’m making a bunch of changes, for the better this year. It just happened all these changes took place around or after the New Year and I’m really excited for them. I am tired, literally, both mentally and physically. I need to make changes all throughout my life for my own well being.

Starting off, I quit my job. That’s right I QUIT! I want to scream it from the roof tops. It’s been a hard year. My position is very demanding and only 2 of us do it. Not to mention we bust our butt’s for little credit (and little pay) when it’s a pretty important position. I think I gave up a long time ago and it was time to move on. I worked there for 6 years and didn’t foresee myself being there another 6. I finally broke. I keep all my feelings bottled up inside until I explode and I exploded. I broke down in tears one  a coupe of nights to my husband about the stress and anxiety it causes me. Not to mention the toll it has taken on me physically and mentally. After talking about it, we decided we’d be ok for the moment if I resigned. It was the best thing for me.

Meanwhile, while this was in the works, we already had decided to move. It’s hard for us to look for a new place this time of year (Winter in NY!). Plus we have a dog and not many apartments allow pets.  In order to get out of our lease we’d need to give 60 days of notice and that means we would need to apartment/house search during the Holidays. Did I mention my husband works retail and I’m lucky I see him from Black Friday through Christmas Eve? My in laws have offered off and on for us to stay with them in between places and we always just sort of blow it off. Well it happened to be 60 days until our lease was up, we started talking one night out of the blue about the possibility of moving and staying there. A few phone calls later we decided we were moving. They have a finished basement with a couple different rooms. The one main room was the family room at one point and now as I like to call it will be our basement loft! I am first of all thankful for my in laws and all they do for us. And I’m kind of excited for moving. We plan on paying off our bills and put away the rest for a down payment on a house. It’s going to be so nice to be able to save…… so that’s where quitting my job came into play.

Since we already planned on moving, we’d be OK for a little bit on one income. My husband was supportive with my resignation as long as I actively looked for something new. I wanted a job, a job that didn’t require brain power at the moment. Also, I had been in talks with an ex-coworker who is now working at  local hospital and going to become and RN. Hrmmmm that got me thinking. I originally went to college 2393498 years ago to be a Nurse. Then changed my major just as many times and ended up in Art History? right. So after a few chats with her, the program sounded perfect. I jazzed up my resume and applied there ASAP. Thankfully I have some connections here and there and my application is “processing” so hopefully I’ll hear from them very soon. That hospital (Albany Med) is my first choice because they pay and support schooling! Meanwhile I talked to another friend who works at another local hospital pt as a nurse (along with teaching a LPN program, going to grad school to be a Nurse Practitioner and raising a family!) and have applied there. First interview is tomorrow! I’ve also interviewed in the mall at Select Comfort to sell fancy beds. I know it’s kind of random and funny, but it pays good, they liked me and I liked them, so I’m moving onward with the next steps of that interview also. Things are working out so far!

Now to top it all off, we have planned a trip to Washington State to visit my brother in law, sister in law, niece and soon to be nephew! We leave Thursday morning around 5am. So between quitting my job, looking for a new job, packing, slowly moving and now vacation, my head is spinning in circles! I cannot wait to be on the plane (first class may I add) to officially be off and not have to think about anything but loving WA state. I try to persuade Brad (my husband) to move there every time we go visit. I love it out there. Not to mention I can drink my hearts desire in Fat Tire beer, something we can’t get in NY. Boo!

Finally It’s time to get back on the taking care of Nicole bandwagon. Well that should be first on my list. I’m ready to be happy again, truly happy, and lose the stress weight/sickness weight/lazy weight I’ve gained over the past 2 years. I’m working on me from the inside out and will be documenting it here.  Stay tuned~


One response to “A Promising Year of Changes

  1. hey, stranger! I am just NOW finding your new blog!!!

    how are things?? xo

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