Twas the night before Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  We are home and finally settling down for the night. Christmas Eve is a busy eve for us since it is also my hubby’s birthday! Happy Birthday Brad!

We had our traditional Christmas Eve; dinner at my in-laws, birthday dinner that is, then off to my mom’s house to spend the night with family, food and laughter.  We opened presents from each other who were there, plus gifts from my brother, sister in law and niece who live in GA and are spending the holiday in FL with my sister in laws family this year. They always seem to send us fun, unique gifts. With that said, my cousin received the best. gift. ever.


That’s right, he received a “man candle”.  And the scent? BACON!  Thumbs down Fail! It seriously was the grossest thing ever but funny and neat at the same time!

Now we are overstuffed and overtired. We were sent home with plenty of leftovers. I though was happy to take all the fresh veggies my aunt didn’t want! mmm! And then somehow ended up with a bag of chips and dip. Oh and some cookie bars my mom made for Brad’s b-day. Hopefully he’ll take care of the dip and cookie bars fast. Or maybe bring them to work on Sunday and get them out of the house.

It’s time for bed and to complete our Christmas Eve tradition of falling asleep and waking up to A Christmas Story,24 hour marathon, how can you go wrong?! And to dream of sugar plums and all that good stuff Christmas morning has to bring.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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